DH2i Featured in 2019 CRN Cloud Partner Program Guide

October 2, 2019

DH2i’s DxAdvantage Partner Program enables channel partners to provide end customers with the most innovative, proven and cost effective solutions for ensuring high availability (HA), disaster recovery (DR) and perimeter security via its innovative DxOdyssey®, DxEnterprise® and DxAG™ software solutions.

DH2i to Discuss the One Tool Microsoft Professionals Require to Crush the Complexity of MSSQL Availability Group Management

September 24, 2019

Sometimes (perhaps, most of the time) Microsoft Availability Groups (AGs) make IT professionals want to crush their desktops much like how the Incredible Hulk crushes a 4-door sedan. It is simply no fun dealing with Microsoft Pacemaker and/or Microsoft Windows Server Failover Clustering (WSFC) every day of the week. But, there has been no reasonable alternative, until now…

DH2i to Present Live Webinar Entitled, “On the Road Again – How to Secure Your Network for Remote User Access”

September 4, 2019

Whether working from home or on the road, an organization’s team members need access to company resources at all hours. Modern business has done a fantastic job of enabling this level of flexibility, but it comes at a cost. Trying to lock down these connections is extremely stressful for IT professionals, and traditional methods like VPNs and open ports leave organizations vulnerable and dependent on a terrifying amount of blind trust.

DH2i to Present Live Webinar Entitled, “WSFC is Dumb – Get Smart About Clustering”

August 1, 2019

What’s the only thing IT pros hate more than unplanned outages? Microsoft Windows Server Failover Clustering (WSFC). That’s been the unanimous opinion of the SQL Server professionals DH2i has chatted with anyway… It is really quite ironic. If WSFC is so widely despised, why does it remain the default clustering tool for Failover Cluster Instances (FCIs) and Availability Groups (AGs)?

DH2i to Discuss Bridging the Gap to Zero Trust Security Amidst a Changing Network Landscape

July 10, 2019

Modern IT requires secure network connectivity between remote users and resources running in on-premises or cloud sites. These complex, hybrid deployments mean organizations can no longer afford to risk the security of their data by granting excessive access at the network level with VPNs. Fortunately, a pioneering new tool is available to help bridge this gap and kick off an organization’s journey to Zero Trust Security.

DH2i Launches DxConnect Network Security Software for Integrated Zero Trust Connectivity

June 18, 2019

DH2i® today announced the general availability launch of DxConnect™ network security software for integrated Zero Trust (ZT) connectivity.  DxConnect enables developers and network administrators to build an integrated ZT connectivity security infrastructure for cloud native applications, hybrid/multi-cloud connectivity and privileged user access without using a VPN.

DH2i to Present Live Webinar on How to Optimize Microsoft SQL Server for Cost and Management Efficiency

May 29, 2019

DBAs are the backbone of their organization’s most critical IT assets—constantly fighting on the front lines to ensure the least possible downtime in their SQL Server environment.  Despite their tireless efforts and late nights going through labor-intensive patches/updates, they are usually rewarded with a continuously shrinking capital and operational budget.  It’s time for a change!  (After all, everyone deserves a summer vacation!)