First to Add Support for Highly Available Cross-Platform Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Availability Groups, Enables Management and Orchestration of Linux Application Services and Automates Windows/Linux Failover on AWS and Azure


Fort Collins, CO | March 27, 2018

DH2i®, the leading provider of multi-platform Smart Availability™, disaster recovery (DR) and cost improvement solutions for Windows, Linux and Oracle databases and Docker containers, today announced the latest version of its DxEnterprise (DxE) software.  DxE version 17.5 (v17.5) is the industry’s first and only unified Windows/Linux Smart Availability solution for databases, Docker containers, Availability Groups, and application services. DxE v17.5 builds on version 17 (v17) by adding native support for:

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Availability Groups with automatic fault detection and failover between Windows and Linux– an industry first
  • Management, orchestration and automatic failover of Linux application services, including native open source databases.
  • Automatic Windows/Linux failover clustering in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure without WSFC and active directory

For the majority of today’s enterprises, the biggest obstacle they face in achieving the promise of “digital transformation” is legacy infrastructure.  According to research from Futurum, “over 90 percent of IT managers said security issues and performance issues were inevitable if legacy applications weren’t modernized… Companies are spending 60-80 percent of their IT budgets on maintaining old computing infrastructure. That’s money that could be spent better – on machine learning, analytics, big data, and artificial intelligence.”

DxE v17.5 enables customers to invest in technologies that create a new class of distributed data management frameworks. These frameworks allow workloads to dynamically move to their best execution venue (BEV) – i.e., Smart Availability.  BEV means the workloads can be quickly moved to the IT resource that is the most ideal from both a compute and budgetary standpoint. This can also lead to fewer operating system environments (OSEs) to manage and fewer fires to fight. IT professionals can now rededicate their time to activities and applications that empower competitive advantage, faster time to market, decreased costs, and greater revenues, resulting in the best possible bottom-line.

“SQL Server 2017+ users can now benefit from a cross-platform environment that has the flexibility to seamlessly move primary workloads and data to-and-from any cloud; and can easily scale cloud-based data analytics and BI nodes,” said Don Boxley Jr, co-founder and CEO of DH2i. “Likewise, public cloud providers and MSPs can now increase their recurring revenue growth by creating a single cross-platform service that delivers near-zero planned or unplanned downtime for any customer’s application(s).”

The new DxE v17.5 leverages Smart Availability software to decouple databases, Availability Groups and containers from OS/IT infrastructures for workload portability from any host, to any host, anywhere. Uniting Linux and Windows management in a single console, the new solution also encapsulates native databases instances application services and Docker images for simplified support of digital transformation initiatives. DxE features InstanceMobility® for dynamic BEV workload movement and second order consolidation to further enhance cost reduction. Intelligent health and performance QoS monitoring is also offered to simplify administration and increase IT team productivity.

DxE v17.5 delivers flexible, native support for:

  • SQL Server 2017 Availability Groups with automatic Windows/Linux failover
  • Management, orchestration and automatic failover of Linux application services, including native open source databases.
  • Automatic Windows/Linux failover clustering in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure without WSFC and active directory

“Digital transformation should be a priority for every enterprise IT organization since it represents effective use of many software components, such as containers, and a growing variety of hybrid infrastructure that includes public clouds, private clouds and on-premises environments,” said 451 Research Principal Analyst, Jay Lyman. “Just as organizations must select the right infrastructure based on cost, performance, geography and other factors, they must also have software that is simple, secure and flexible.”

DxE v17.5 is available now. To learn more about how it will help to speed digital transformation with a rationalized and modernized infrastructure approach, visit:


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