Most Impactful and Innovative Advances will be Seen in IoT and Hybrid Cloud


FORT COLLINS, Co. | December 11, 2018

DH2i®, the leading provider of multi-platform Software Defined Perimeter and Smart Availability™ software for Windows and Linux, today announced that its CEO and Co-Founder, Don Boxley, has proclaimed 2019 as the Year of Data Security without Compromise, and that the most impactful and innovative advances will be seen in IoT (i.e., internet of things) and hybrid cloud.


According to Boxley, in 2019:

 1. Enterprises will replace VPNs with micro-perimeters – to secure IoT gateway communications.

“Smart products, IoT devices, have become the new product differentiator – even ovens have IP addresses now. Companies that have been investing in IoT initiatives understand that the IoT gateway layer is the key that unlocks a high return on those IoT investments. IoT gateways manage device connectivity, protocol translation, updating, management, predictive and streaming data analytics, and data flow between devices and the cloud. In 2019, improving the security of that high data flow with a Zero Trust security model will drive enterprises to replace VPNs (i.e., virtual private networks) with micro-perimeters.  The micro-perimeters will remove an IoT device’s network presence, thereby eliminating any potential attack surfaces created by using a VPN.”

2. Organizations will replace VPNs with micro-perimeters – for Zero Trust hybrid cloud security.

“The majority of mid-to-enterprise class – even many small – organizations are pursuing a hybrid strategy involving integrated on-premises systems and off-premises cloud/hosted resources.  However, traditional VPN software solutions are obsolete for the new IT reality of hybrid and multi-cloud. They weren’t designed for them. They’re complex to configure, and give users a ‘slice of the network’ – creating a lateral network attack surface.  In 2019, a new class of purpose-built security software will continue to emerge and grow in prominence, effectively eliminating these issues and taking a huge bite out of the multi-billion dollar cloud VPN market*. This new security software will enable organizations to build lightweight dynamic micro-perimeters to secure application- and workload-centric connections between on-premises and cloud/hosted environments, with virtually no attack surface.”


“2019 will serve as a critical turning point for organizations that must ensure unassailable data security,” said Boxley. “Data security has virtually always been an important consideration.  However, 2018’s stringent regulations, such as the Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California’s new Consumer Data Privacy Act, have certainly shined a brighter spotlight on the subject – and coorespondingly put increasing pressure and focus on those that are responsible for its management.”  He continued, “While 2019 will surely continue to turn up the heat, IT security professionals will have the opportunity to replace dangerously vulnerable VPNs with alternatives that are more effective, easier to manage and more cost effective than ever before.”


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