Partner Directory

DH2i works together with Technology Partners and DxAdvantage Reseller Partners around the world to deliver ideal Smart High Availability Clustering and Software-Defined Perimeter technology solutions to your organization.


DxEnterprise has been validated as Nutanix-Ready and DH2i is a Nutanix Alliance Program Partner. The program brings together like minded technology companies dedicated to next-gen enterprise IT. Check out DH2i on Nutanix’s Technology Alliance Partner page.


DH2i is a member of the IBM Partner Plus program. This program focuses on expertise, scale and impactful benefits to simplify how we work together. The formula for success is simple—become proficient in IBM technology, bring validated solutions to market, drive sales and grow quickly.

ApON Innovative Solutions

ApON Innovative Solutions is DH2i’s DxAdvantage partner in India. ApON is a collection of experienced CIOs and country thought-leaders who strive to help companies identify the best, most innovative technology to reach their goals. The team upholds the belief that it is 15% about the technology, and 85% knowledge and how you do it.


Computacenter is Europe’s leading independent provider of IT infrastructure services. They advise customers on IT strategy, implement the most appropriate technology from a wide range of leading vendors, and help manage their customer’s technology infrastructures.


Entersoft is a Columbian-based IT Solutions provider with over 15 years of experience, covering much of Latin America. Entersoft provides comprehensive IT solutions and strategies that guarantee business continuity while meeting clients’ overall business goals.


Nubelity offers customized cloud strategies for all organizations, whether they are cloud-native or looking to move to the cloud. Nubelity closely guides their clients through implementation and ongoing management, enabling customers to focus on running their business while Nubelity maximizes the IT infrastructure to support it.