How to Setup a Docker Container as a Tunnel Origin without using DxConnect

Applies to…

  • DxOdyssey 19.0 and newer


DxOdyssey in a Docker container is capable of acting as an origin gateway for tunnels or tunnel groups. However, the container must have the necessary ports mapped using the “docker run” command.


Docker containers are designed to be immutable: they are not meant to be modified, updated, or reconfigured after starting. As such, ports may only be mapped using the -p flag in the “docker run” command when the container is first launched. DxOdyssey containers utilize port mappings when the container is an origin and other computers on the local network need access to that origin, or when port 7979 needs to be accessible for gateway group administration. If these ports are not mapped at container runtime, a new container must be created.

DH2i recommends utilizing volume mounts to save the contents of the /etc/dh2i folder. This folder stores DxOdyssey’s configuration files, and these files can be used by a new container to rejoin the gateway group with all configurations intact. If no /etc/dh2i volume mount exists, the ” docker commit” command may be used to save the entire container instead.

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