How to Rename a Node within a Cluster

Applies to…

  • DxEnterprise


How to rename a node that is already a member of a DxEnterprise cluster.


Here are the steps to rename a node. In this example we will be renaming a node from OldName to NewName.

  • Run DxAdmin management console.
  • Re-host all instances off of node OldName.
  • Remove the OldName node from each VHost definition (right-click the node under the VHost and select “Remove a node”) – at this point, no active Microsoft SQL Server instances should be running on the node.
  • If you have no backup for a given VHost, you will need to delete the VHost, which devirtualizes the instance, and recreate it later (make note of Data and Log paths, port number, etc. before removing).
  • Delete the node from Advanced Settings > Cluster Membership.
  • Select Submit at the bottom of the pane to save the changes.
  • Follow the OS manufacturer’s procedure for renaming the server from OldName to NewName.
  • Follow the OS manufacturer’s procedure for renaming a stand-alone instance for each instance on the server: Rename a Computer that Hosts a Stand-Alone Instance of SQL Server– this is independent from any DH2i configuration, and is Microsoft SQL Server specific. Please make sure you select the procedure for your instance versions.
  • Once the rename is complete, add the NewName node just as if you were adding a new node to Cluster Membership. Connect DxAdmin on NewName, select Advanced Configuration > Cluster Membership and click “Join new cluster”. Enter an existing cluster member along with the passkey, check the Accept EULA checkbox and click “Ok”.
  • Add the NewName node back to any VHosts in which it should be a member.
  • If you need to recreate a VHost and revirtualize the instance, you can do so now – make sure to uncheck the “New Virtualization” checkbox.
  • You should then be able to rehost instances back to NewName if they should be running there.