How to Backup the Cluster Configuration

Applies to…

  • DxEnterprise
  • DxOdyssey
  • Microsoft SQL Server


Whether you’re doing routine maintenance, upgrading an existing cluster or just for peace of mind, it is always a good idea to have a backup of your cluster configuration.


The following is a list of the data you will want to backup in order to retain all of your cluster configuration:

  • DxEnterprise and DxOdyssey for Windows
    • Cluster Config (per server)
      • %ProgramFiles%\DH2i\bin\*.xml
  • DxEnterprise and DxOdyssey for Linux
    • Cluster Config (per server)
      • /etc/dh2i/*.xml
  • Microsoft SQL Server
    • Cluster Registry (per instance)
      • \*.sreg
      • \*.sreg.reg