Client Connections Using VHost\Instance Instead of VHost,Port

Applies to…

  • DxEnterprise
  • Microsoft SQL Server


When client computers try to connect to a virtualized instance of Microsoft SQL Server from outside of the DxEnterprise cluster they can only connect using VHost,Port instead of VHost\Instance.


This behavior is not specific to DxEnterprise, but to Microsoft SQL Server itself. Client connections outside of the DxEnterprise cluster will need to have an alias created in order to make connections to VHost\Instance.

To create an alias on a client computer:

  1. Open the Microsoft SQL Server Client Tools (Run > cliconfg.exe)
  2. Enable the TCP/IP protocol
  3. Select the “Alias” tab and click “Add”
  4. Set the “Server alias” to VHost\Instance (For example: “vsql1\inst1” where “vsql1” is the name of the VHost and “inst1” is the name of the instance)
  5. Under “Network libraries” select “TCP/IP”
  6. Under “Connection parameters” set the “Server name” to the name of the VHost
  7. Deselect “Dynamically determine port” and set the “Port number” to the configured port of the virtualized instance

Now the client computer can connect to the virtual instance using a VHost\Instance connection string.


DxEnterprise Administration Guide – Configure SQL Server Clients – Page 45