How DxEnterprise Works

DxEnterprise® Agile Workload Management

The Lightweight Logical Host

With DxEnterprise’s patented technology, it’s quick and easy to provision a logical host. All you need is a host name and an IP address and the Vhost is active.

With Just an Application

Vhosts and their managed applications/containers provide
a mobile yet consistent application
endpoint. Instance Mobility enables
workload portability from any host
to any host, anywhere.

Stack Vhosts for Unsurpassed
Consolidation and Orchestration

Safely stack multiple Vhosts—with dependency coordination—for the most efficient logical and physical consolidation along with dramatic license
and infrastructure savings.

How DxEnterprise Works DxEnterpriseAgile Workload Management

The Vhost Is Just the Enabler

Find out what InstanceMobility® can do for your datacenter.

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Vhost Decouples Application Instance & Containers

Using our simple, drag-and-drop interface, applications and containers to be managed are assigned to the Vhost, along with persistent disk resources. Applications are standalone and leverage the local OS and
application install.

Workload Portability at the Highest Abstraction Level

Workload portability is no longer limited by ecosystem. You get instance-level
granularity with persistent mobile disk resources regardless of infrastructure, so you can rehost workloads across physical, virtual or cloud infrastructures, including multi-subnet geo-clusters.