DxEnterprise for Availability Groups in the Cloud


Clustering in the cloud doesn’t have to be strenuous.

Running SQL Server in the cloud can come with many benefits, including flexibility, speed, and cost control. But when it comes to making SQL Server in the cloud highly available, organizations are faced with limited choices. Due to storage considerations, SQL Server Availability Groups (AGs) is the preferred option.

The only problem is that AGs aren’t highly available without a clustering solution for fault detection and automated failover. Most of the clustering solutions for AGs–such as WSFC and Pacemaker–are a nightmare to configure and manage. They also restrict flexibility in terms of mixing platforms, sites and/or clouds, as well as running replicas across varying zones or regions because of networking complexities.


DxE for Availability Groups provides you with a powerful, yet simple, clustering alternative.

DxEnterprise uses its SDP-enhanced Microsoft SQL Server Availability Groups clustering technology to dramatically reduce the complexity of configuring and managing highly available SQL Server AGs. DxEnterprise makes AGs highly available across any infrastructure—all without relying on Pacemaker, WSFC, or any other cumbersome and restrictive cluster orchestration technologies. It even enables cross-platform failover between Windows and Linux machines. DxEnterprise SDP-enhanced AGs also enable cross-network failover without opening external ports and without the use of virtual private networks (VPNs). This not only reduces the complexity and cost of running hybrid clusters between on-premises and AWS, it also makes it easier to take advantage of Microsoft’s SQL Server licensing rules that allow for “free” HA and DR secondary replicas for deployments with Software Assurance.

Combine AGs with local high availability for complete business resilience.

DxE supports Extended Vhosts (exVhosts) for SQL Server AGs, enabling organizations to optimize their SQL Server environment and reduce costs by as much as 50% by combining local high availability (HA) and AGs for remote data protection. ExVhosts allow SQL Server admins to create AGs that span across independent HA instances all within the same cluster, unlike typical SQL Server HA/DR environments that require separate clusters for HA instances and AGs. DxE uses Stacked-Clustering and optional Express Micro-Tunnel technology to further reduce the potential for database transaction losses, meeting near-zero RTO, and accelerate RPO by boosting SQL Server AG performance by 3x. Both Windows and Linux are supported, including support for AGs across mixed OS platforms. Learn more about DxE’s support for Extended Vhosts.


DxEnterprise for AGs is available as server AMIs with affordable, metered pay-as-you-go pricing on AWS Marketplace. You can quickly and easily spin up DxEnterprise and make your SQL Server Availability Groups highly available for a complete high availability/disaster recovery solution that can span on-premises and the cloud—while reducing costs and network attack surfaces by eliminating unnecessary instances and VPN-related security risks. Get a free 15-day trial of our products on the AWS Marketplace here.

Check out DxE for AGs on…

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DxEnterprise for AGs is available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace with various offers that support RHEL, Ubuntu, and Windows. The offers include DxEnterprise for availability groups, as well as a bring-your-own-license (BYOL) offer to allow flexibility for your licensing needs.

Virtual Machine Images are also available in Azure for both Windows and Linux for quick and easy deployments of DxE. Additionally, DxE is available as a VM extension in Azure, enabling Azure customers to easily add DxE software to their VMs in just one command.