Secure Remote Access to DxOdyssey Tunnels

Access Your Resources From Anywhere

Today’s IT landscape has evolved to require network connectivity between your main sites of operation and multiple, remote users. Wherever your workforce may be, they need access to on-premises or cloud-based company resources like servers, desktops, and applications. Using a Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) approach is the most secure way of achieving this. DxConnect is the client software that allows remote access to DxOdyssey’s SDP tunnels.

Easy, Lightweight Installation and Configuration

The DxConnect agent can be quickly installed on to any remote user’s device. Network administrators provide a username, password and configuration file to the user. Once the administrator has configured the required tunnels using DxOdyssey gateway software, the remote user simply logs in to DxConnect and then accesses their applications or servers. DxConnect dynamically and securely creates granular tunnels between remote DxConnect user devices and the resources they are accessing. Users access these secure tunnels via a local port, making the device and the resource invisible on the network.

High Security, Low Latency

DxConnect ensures full data encryption and security in transit. TCP traffic is transported via UDP with DTLS encryption to maintain the highest levels of security and performance. DxOdyssey administrators can grant or deny users and groups access to tunnels at any time. Tunnels link directly between the remote user and the DxOdyssey gateway(s) without a “controller” node doing authentication or sitting in the data path.

Ready for Deployment on

  • Windows Server 2008 R2 and above, x64
  • Windows 7 and above, x86 and x64
  • iOS 11 and above
  • Other platforms coming soon





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