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Cross-Environment SQL Server Availability Groups Using ExVhost Technology

Key Takeaways

DxEnterprise unlocks unified management for SQL Server on Linux, Windows, and in containers.
Leverage Built-In Capability of SQL Server and AGs

No 3rd-party replication needed

  • Our ExVhost technology allows you to take full advantage of SQL Server’s built-in local HA, local failover, and the remote-data protection capabilities of Availability Groups.
SQL Server migration is easy with DxEnterprise Smart High Availability Clustering software.
Build An Availability Group Using Local HA Clusters

Build multiple site AG

  • Enables you to have multiple HA clusters with instance-level failover, and to create an AG on top with automatic failover at all levels.

Native. Containerized. Anywhere in Between.

DH2i gets you closer to zero downtime.