World Password Day – Strong Passwords Aren’t Cutting It Anymore

Today is World Password Day – a day dedicated to reminding us of the importance of maintaining good password hygiene. Good password hygiene is an essential practice for employees and businesses to protect their sensitive data, especially in light of the 4,000 ransomware attacks carried out daily.

With the immense spike in remote work in the past year, many organizations have faced increasing challenges and risks as they attempt to secure their remote workforce. Moreover, cybercriminals are only becoming smarter and more sophisticated, leaving IT teams to face the sad truth about data security: strong, unique passwords are no longer enough.

While VPNs have historically been the front-running solution for secure data access, research conducted before the COVID-19 pandemic revealed that VPNs are no longer cut out for protecting sensitive data and applications. Of the 228 IT professionals who took part in the VPN survey, 62% identified inadequate security as the number one VPN pain point. Even more surprising, nearly 40% of those responsible for preventing ransomware and other malware from penetrating company networks believe that someone is already on their network who shouldn’t be.

Cybersecurity leaders are continuously taking steps to improve their organization’s security posture, with many looking to replace outdated VPNs with Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) solutions. SDP enables organizations to restrict network access and provide customized, manageable and secure access to company networks. With SDP, IT teams can more easily achieve a zero trust network architecture and minimize overall attack surfaces. By pairing SDP with effective password hygiene, organizations can rest assured their critical data will remain protected.


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