What’s All the Fuss: DxOdyssey vs. Other SDP Solutions?

A multitude of talented organizations are trying to make their mark on the Software Defined Perimeter space, so what is so doggone special about DxOdyssey?

Let’s take it from the top—discussing DH2i’s SDP offering one technical aspect at a time.


Data Transmission Protocol

DxOdyssey utilizes UDP/DTLS encryption, contrary to the TCP/TLS utilized by the majority of other solutions on the market. This not only means lower latency, but is also more security due to data packet segmentation. In addition, DxO implements TCP RFCs to bolster reliability.

Controller Node Requirement

DxO has no controller node requirement because the gateways join with one another using a cloud matchmaking service and then communicate directly. Other technologies require a middleman to authenticate each connection, and sometimes the data will actually pass right through the controller itself.

The lightweight “matchmaking service” associated with DxOdyssey is less intrusive and will never become a bottleneck.

True Failover Clustered HA Gateways

DH2i possesses the advantage of having created heavy-duty HA software for the first 8 years of its existence prior to entering the SDP space. They have implemented this technology into DxOdyssey so, if a gateway goes down, another one in the group will automatically resume the connection. This ensures that data is readily available—even in the event of disasters and downtime.

Other SDP solutions’ offerings are very limited—extremely rudimentary HA with some serious caveats.

DNS Dependency for Gateways

DxOdyssey stayed away from DNS dependency for its gateways, because gateways that require DNS for resolution increase complexity. Not just that—this dependency can reduce overall security by requiring open ports for gateway communication as well. 


DxOdyssey embraces an open API with simple integration points—meaning it can integrate with other authentication or management tools very easily.

Most other SDP vendors have API capabilities, but are much more limited in what they can connect with. 

Adherence to Cloud Security Alliance SDP Specification

DH2i has staff who are members of the CSA SDP Working Group, but DxOdyssey does not strictly adhere to the specification like most other solutions. Perhaps the accepted specification will catch up at some point, but right now the DH2i team believes we have a proprietary approach that adds significant value over the spec.


While DxO is a significant diversification for DH2i in terms of software offerings, it continues to embody DH2i’s ever-present commitment to infrastructure-agnostic technology that enables maximum flexibility now with the highest levels of security.

Check out the full comparison document here. If you have any questions about DxOdyssey, please feel free to reach out at info@dh2i.com or sign up for a one-on-one demo of the technology

Connor Cox