We’re Not Cave Dwellers Anymore: It’s Time to Get Smart About Availability

Living in a cave—despite the amenities it deprives you of—can still be considered doable. Fortunately, most of us have seen the light (pun intended) and embraced the amazing offerings of a technologically advanced reality.

While traditional high availability solutions seem to be enough to get by today, the future is quickly trending towards something “smarter.”

Smart Availability embodies some important distinctions from traditional high availability. It helps organizations take downtime mitigation to the next level—not just ensuring that applications remain up and running—but that they are dynamically hosted wherever peak performance can be achieved. Increasingly stringent SLAs and performance agreements are necessitating this change for many organizations already.

The other primary benefit to Smart Availability comes down to the management flexibility. A smart approach to HA prioritizes the need to unify management for many disparate versions, editions, and both Windows and Linux platforms.

You can wait, but if I were you I would work on crawling out of that traditional high availability cave as soon as possible. It may not be imperative yet, but embracing Smart Availability technology sooner rather than later will ensure smooth and sustained growth for years to come.

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Lauren Hawes