Webinar Recap: Microsoft Channel 9 IoT Deep Dive – Secure IoT Deployments

Many thanks to everyone who attended Microsoft’s Channel 9 IoT Deep Dive last week, “Secure IoT Deployments with Azure SQL Edge & DxOdyssey.”

DH2i CTO OJ Ngo had the privilege of joining Microsoft Program Manager Vasiya Krishnan and Azure IoT Sr PM & Developer Advocate Pamela Cortez for a live Q&A event on our joint IoT security solution.

This session takes a deep dive into the IoT landscape and explores the security challenges and considerations that arise with the adoption of IoT. To wrap up the webinar, Vasiya and OJ discussed the end-to-end data security offered by combining Azure SQL Edge with DxOdyssey for IoT as well as provided a live demo of the joint solution in action. Check out the recorded session, slide deck and recap of the session highlights below.


Slide Deck PDF

Key highlights from the session:

Azure SQL Edge

  • Offers built-in data streaming, time-series, machine learning and analytics capabilities
  • Provides support for connected, disconnected and hybrid scenarios
  • Delivers unparalleled data security within edge device perimeters and IoT hub boundaries


DxOdyssey for IoT

  • Enables discreet, private and secure bi-directional network communication between edge devices, the datacenter and cloud
  • Provides unmatched network security that eliminates the lateral attack surface without VPNs, SD-WANs or open ports
  • Creates a Zero Trust network architecture while achieving the highest ROI


Azure SQL Edge and DxOdyssey for IoT both support ARM64 and x64-based architecture on Windows or Linux hosts.

Ready to try DxOdyssey for IoT out for yourself? Access the offer in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace and click “Get It Now” to deploy it today.

For any questions or additional information, please contact: info@dh2i.com