Webinar Q&A Recap: SQL Server HA on Linux in Azure with Microsoft’s Tejas Shah

Many thanks to everyone who joined our webinar yesterday, “Paving the Way to SQL Server HA on Linux in Azure With Microsoft’s Tejas Shah.”

We were fortunate enough to have Microsoft Principal Program Manager, Tejas Shah, join us to share his expertise with SQL Server on Linux and provide insight into his own experience with DxEnterprise.

During the session, we discussed some of the benefits our DxEnterprise software has to offer and showed a live demo, highlighting how simple it is to achieve peak high availability for SQL Server on Linux when using DxEnterprise over traditional clustering solutions. For a quick dive into the session, check out the full slide deck and a rundown of the Q&A session below.

Watch the session on-demand here: https://dh2i.com/webinars/paving-the-way-to-sql-server-ha-on-linux-in-azure-with-microsofts-tejas-shah/

Slide Deck PDF

Q&A Write-Up

DxEnterprise Focused

Does DxEnterprise really not require the cluster members to have the same kernel version, unlike Pacemaker?

It really doesn’t. DxEnterprise enables you to mix and match, so you never have to worry about maintaining the same platform or OS version across clusters – even if it’s across multiple different virtual, bare-metal or cloud infrastructures.


How big of a cluster can DxEnterprise support?

There is no limit on the cluster size when using DxEnterprise. We serve many customers with a wide range of cluster sizes in their IT infrastructure, from small to very large, depending on their needs.


How is DxEnterprise licensed?

DxEnterprise is licensed per-server on an annual subscription basis. It can also be deployed via pre-configured Virtual Machine (VM) Images in Azure and AWS which are metered hourly on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Additionally, customers have the flexibility to choose between Basic 8×5 Support and Mission Critical 24×7 Support to best fit their requirements.


SQL Server on Linux Focused

Is SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) fully supported on SQL on Linux?

It depends on the use case. SSIS is already supported in some scenarios; however, there are other developments that are not supported on Linux. Dig into this Microsoft Documentation for more information on the supported features and limitations of SSIS on Linux.


How does licensing work on Linux?

SQL Server is licensed the exact same way for Linux as it is for Windows. Users would license SQL Server first, then choose which platform they would like to use that license on. Follow this link to learn more and access SQL Server licensing guides.


If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to us at info@dh2i.com.

Ready to jump into SQL Server on Linux using DxEnterprise? Check out this tutorial on Microsoft Docs where you’ll learn how to set up a 3-node Always-on AG running on Linux-based Azure VMs using DxEnterprise.