Stupid Easy and Wicked Secure: Watch Our New DxConnect Demo Video

Geico talks about its insurance being “So easy a caveman can do it.” Now, sure enough—we believe cavemen have the capability to establish secure micro-tunnels between main site resources and remote users as well.

With our new DxConnect (DxC) software, DH2i has prioritized a simplistic management experience, as well as bulletproof network security that will hold up against the threats of today’s increasingly interconnected world.

Check out this 5-minute video of the software in action to see just how easy it is to install DxConnect and grant a remote user access to DxOdyssey’s secure and discreet micro-tunnels. DxC can connect any physical, virtual, or cloud sites at the application level in this manner—just as quickly.



We hope you found the demo video interesting. If you’d like to try out the software yourself and set up some secure micro-tunnels, we encourage you to register for a free 30-day trial of DxOdyssey and we can get you set up with a DxConnect license key as well.

We also encourage you to reach out with any questions you have at


Lauren Hawes