SQL Server on Linux HA: What Distinguishes DxEnterprise & Pacemaker?

The year 2020 is right around the corner, and we’ve observed an especially prevalent new year’s resolution among the IT community.

Everyone is thinking about heading to SQL Server on Linux!

It’s true; we’re really beginning to cross the threshold to mass adoption. While the new platform brings along some inherent differences, one thing definitely doesn’t change—the need for comprehensive HA to protect your SQL Server environment.

Many organizations have plans to head straight to Availability Groups, but this approach still requires underlying cluster orchestration if they want their AGs to be highly available.

In the absence of WSFC, Pacemaker has been a popular option for this purpose. However, Pacemaker has some acute limitations. Only DxEnterprise:

  • Enables clusters containing mixed versions and editions
  • Enables automatic failover and cross-platform failover
  • Offers full production support in the cloud, as well as hyper-v support

This is just a small preview of the content, but I encourage you to view the full side-by-side comparison of DxEnterprise vs. Pacemaker.

Along with illustrating exactly what makes DxEnterprise a more functional and flexible solution—this comparative breakdown also shows the exact steps that make setup and configuration of Pacemaker so much more labor intensive.

Connor Cox