RSA Conference 2020 Observations – All Signs Point to a Future Dominated by SDP

Sometimes, tradeshow success can be a tough metric to measure. Other times—like at RSA Conference 2020—we’re already planning our approach for next year’s show before we even get on the plane to go home!

Our experience at RSA Conference in San Francisco last week was extraordinary, and it has inspired a whole new level of excitement among our team to continue making our mark on the IT security industry.

Even just since last year’s experience at RSA Conference, the hotness level of Software Defined Perimeter seems to have been turned all the way up to 11.

It pros were searching out SDP learning experiences and building their awareness of solutions with unparalleled vigor. We had a ton of enlightening conversations and are feeling immensely confident in the ability of our SDP product, DxOdyssey, to meet the complex needs of today’s IT pros.

Lastly, I feel compelled to mention the fact that we appeared to be the first booth in the North Expo to run out of beer during the Expo Pub Crawl. If that’s not a dependable metric for tradeshow success, I don’t know what is :).

Connor Cox