Redefine SQL Server HA by Prioritizing Simplified Management

It’s a sick joke—you’ve been put on the highway with a steering wheel that’s so hard to move you can barely control yourself at all…

High availability is absolutely imperative for organizations today, but Microsoft and other clustering providers seem to have built their products with an utter disregard for the day-to-day management experience.

In my opinion and from the numerous conversations I’ve had with burnt out DBAs, the future of HA needs to prioritize simplified management.

There are plenty of solutions in the market that do what they are supposed to from an outage-mitigation standpoint, but only the best also allow you to:

  • Achieve nearest-to-zero planned downtime
  • Unify management for all SQL Server versions/editions to one interface
  • Enable a significant reduction in management overhead through instance-stacking

In other words, easy management and bulletproof HA are certainly not mutually exclusive. I encourage you to explore solutions like DxEnterprise and try to redefine your organization’s thinking on what good HA should like. Escape Windows Server Failover Clustering tunnel vision and make a more conscientious choice that makes it much easier to sustain your organization’s inevitable growth.


Lauren Hawes