Prioritizing Security Part 2: Why Software Defined Perimeter is Your Only Option

As Bonnie Tyler once said, “I need a hero. I’m holding out for a hero ‘til the end of the night!”

Fortunately, a hero has arrived to rescue IT organizations from the outdated VPN network security we talked about in our previous blog: software defined perimeter (SDP).

Software defined perimeter technology contains some very important features that are specifically designed to protect in today’s digitally transformed, cloud-based world.

Perhaps, most importantly—SDP solutions provide much more granular access to individual applications and services, rather than unlocking large chunks of the network for increased risk of cyberattacks.

Another key advantage is the inherent flexibility of SDP—allowing secure connectivity across multiple cloud sites and domains, and thereby allowing you to safely shift workloads from cloud to cloud. You can install this software on any host without having to work through reconfiguration nightmares or physical infrastructure issues.

Overall, the best thing organizations can do now is get proactive about security innovation. Learn about your environment’s true vulnerability and start evaluating new SDP solutions.

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Don Boxley Jr