Prioritizing Security Part 1: Why VPN is No Longer Enough to Secure Your Company

VPN is the past, not the future, and even in the now—it’s time for enterprises to start reevaluating their perimeter security approaches before it’s too late.

VPN already comes with a list of inherent security risks such as credential theft, excessive network access, and more, but today’s cloud-based world has increased these risks exponentially.

Operating in a cloud environment means anytime you give access of your environment to a partner, vendor, etc., your security perimeter becomes only as strong as the 3rd party with the weakest security controls.

Another huge danger as IT environments grow more heterogeneous and cloud-centric is the unsustainable need to manage many different types of VPN connections for different 3rd party infrastructures. This culminates in a massive lateral attack surface since each one of these users is gaining access to a slice of the network. Unfortunately, these attack surfaces can’t be mitigated either, unless application-level security practices are adopted.

Check out our next blog to learn how software defined perimeter technology can mitigate these risks and put you on the quickest path towards zero-trust security.

Don Boxley Jr