[One-Pager] DxOdyssey & Azure SQL Edge for End-to-End IoT Security

DH2i and Microsoft have joined forces to create the ideal joint solution for end-to-end IoT security. To help support the growing demand of IoT adoption, Microsoft released Azure SQL Edge – a small footprint data engine that enables on-device security capabilities for IoT workloads. Additionally, DH2i has expanded its Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) solution to edge devices with DxOdyssey for IoT to support enhanced security of data movement for IoT deployments.

Why have DH2i and Microsoft collaborated in this space? Though IoT can bring exciting possibilities to the table, organizations who aren’t willing to alter their approach to data security when adapting IoT risk leaving their sensitive company data exposed as it moves between devices and networks. Common legacy approaches to networking such as VPNs, SD-WANs and open ports are not fit for IoT and create an even larger lateral attack surface. Organizations that want to implement IoT and be ensured their data remains protected can explore this new, combined data security solution.

This one-pager walks you through a new approach to IoT data security.


DxOdyssey and Azure SQL Edge for End-to-End IoT Security


DxOdyssey & Azure SQL Edge for End-to-End IoT Security provides an overview of an end-to-end data security solution that combines the native on-device capabilities of Azure SQL Edge with the dynamic tunneling technology of DxOdyssey for any IoT deployment. With this solution, organizations are ensured their data remains protected at the edge and beyond.


To learn about this integrated solution in more detail, check out this whitepaper.

Join our IoT Deep Dive Session with Microsoft on October 21st at 9:00am PDT to learn about edge security and this joint solution.  DH2i CTO OJ Ngo will join Microsoft Program Manager Vasiya Krishnan for a demo of how to securely connect a remote user to an edge device.