New Demo Video: Automated Deployment Scripts for DxOdyssey Gateways, Tunnels, and Remote Access

While I still like to think humans have a superior ability to synthesize original thoughts—here’s to hoping we don’t accidentally let robots and AI technology take over the world—there are certainly plenty of things that computers are better at. One of those things is consistent accuracy—in this case, executing an automated script the same way every time.

DH2i’s secure networking software, DxOdyssey, can now be configured using automated scripts which will reduce error and simplify the unattended setup and deployment of gateways, tunnels, and remote user access.

The following demo video details the setup of a DxOdyssey gateway group between an on-premises node called LAB5 and a VM in Azure called WIN1. Two tunnels to a Red Hat node called RHEL1 will also be created —all accessible by remote users using DxConnect. This will all be configured using DH2i’s downloadable, automated scripts. Let us know if you have any questions at or, if you’d like a personalized demo of this software visit



Lauren Hawes