Introducing DxE for AGs in Containers, our free software program and more!

We are very pleased to announce the launch of DxEnterprise (DxE) for Availability Groups (AGs) in Containers among other exciting new developments!

Alongside our latest product release, we are also announcing the launch of our new DH2i Store, Developer Edition Program and software support for Cloud Witness in Azure.

The use of containers for Microsoft SQL Server is exploding as organizations look for better ways to improve their IT environments and future-proof their businesses. Containers help enterprises enhance the reliability of their business applications built upon it while enabling them to more efficiently deliver new products and services at a lower cost.

IT admins have generally looked to cloud-native SQL Server availability groups (AGs) to provide a strong layer of high availability for SQL Server – a desired capability that isn’t supported in containers by Windows Server Failover Cluster (WSFC), Pacemaker and other clustering technologies.

DxEnterprise for AGs in Containers answers the call for database-level high availability in containers by enabling highly available SQL Server AGs in containers, including support for Kubernetes (K8s) clusters. With DxE for AGs in Containers, IT admins can easily build highly available SQL Server AGs that span multiple containers across mixed Linux and Windows environments in the datacenter, remote sites and the cloud. By simplifying the road to adopting and deploying HA stateful containers, organizations can create new, innovative applications while accelerating their digital transformation (dx) efforts.

DxE for AGs in Containers Key Features & Benefits:

  • Automatic failover & fault detection for SQL Server Container AGs – Enables customers to deploy stateful containers to create new and innovative applications
  • Near-zero RTO/RPO HA for cloud-native stateful containers – Improves operations to deliver better products and services more efficiently and cost-effectively
  • Built-in secure, multi-subnet Express Micro-Tunnel technology for distributed AG clusters across availability zones/regions, hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments – Helps customers rapidly adapt to changes in market conditions and consumer preferences
  • Intelligent Health & performance QoS monitoring, alerting management – Simplifies system management
  • Mix and match support for Windows and Linux; bare metal, virtual, cloud servers – Maximizes IT budget ROI

Organizations can get their hands on DxE for AGs in Containers software directly from the new DH2i Store for immediate full access to the software and preferred support level.

Our Developer Edition Program is also now available, which grants free licenses for non-production use and trials of DH2i software products.


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