End-to-End IoT Data Security with DxOdyssey & Azure SQL Edge

Gartner predicts that there will be 80 billion connected IoT devices generating 180ZB of data by 2025. As there are countless opportunities offered through edge computing such as reduced latency and higher bandwidth for real-time efficiency, more and more organizations are integrating IoT devices into their networks. Yet, a recent study revealed that 97% of IoT adopters have security concerns when implementing IoT, with the top concern being data privacy. With so much data being created and processed at the edge, data needs to be protected both at the edge and as it moves outside the device boundaries and between networks.


Azure SQL Edge

To help meet the new demand for IoT adoption, Microsoft recently released Azure SQL Edge – an edge-optimized relational database that is designed for IoT and IoT edge deployments. This tool combines new capabilities such as data streaming and time series with in-database machine learning and graph features. Organizations can develop their applications and deploy them across the edge, their datacenter and in Azure while ensuring that data remains protected at the edge.

Azure SQL Edge can run on ARM64 and x64-based architecture on Windows or Linux hosts. It was built on the latest versions of SQL Server Database Engine to give users the same industry-leading performance and security capabilities of SQL Server that they are already familiar with.

Key Features of Azure SQL Edge:

  • Built-in data streaming, time-series, machine learning and analytics capabilities
  • Support for security threat monitoring and remediation
  • Unparalleled data security within edge device perimeters and IoT hub boundaries


IoT Security & Secure Networking Challenges

IoT can introduce new risks that organizations may be unprepared for if they aren’t willing to adapt their approach to network security. The native capabilities of Azure SQL Edge safeguard data inside the boundaries of the edge device and IoT hub networks. However, data is constantly moving outside of local networks and device perimeters, presenting new security issues that organizations must act on.

Common legacy approaches to network connectivity such as VPNs, SD-WANs and open ports are not sufficient for IoT deployments. Not only are these alternatives very expensive and complex to manage, but they also reduce latency and increase bandwidth, further hurting operational efficiency. More importantly, these approaches lack the necessary security capabilities to support IoT networking and create a large lateral network attack surface.


End-to-End Data Security with DxOdyssey & SQL Edge  

Beyond the built-in security capabilities of Azure SQL Edge, DxOdyssey (DxO) for IoT secures data as it moves outside of edge device perimeters and IoT hub boundaries to achieve an end-to-end data security solution. DxO for IoT extends Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) software capabilities to edge devices, enabling seamless bi-directional communication between edge devices, the cloud, on-premises datacenters or remote locations. DxO for IoT is purpose-built for IoT use cases where bi-directional access is needed between edge devices, gateways or servers and provides private communication over untrusted, isolated networks. With DxO for IoT, organizations can create a Zero Trust network architecture for IoT deployments, while consistently proving less expensive and more effective than those legacy alternatives.

The DxO for IoT gateway software can be installed on any datacenter host, cloud host or edge device running on ARM64 and x64-based architecture on Windows or Linux hosts. DxO for IoT uses advanced tunneling technology to secure data in transit, while virtually eliminating the network attack surface.

What DxOdyssey for IoT Gets You:

  • Discreet, private and secure bi-directional network communication over untrusted networks
  • Network security that eliminates the lateral attack surface and is more secure and performant than VPNs, SD-WANs and open ports
  • Zero Trust network architecture for IoT deployments while achieving the highest ROI

For end-to-end data security, users can configure the DxO secure tunnels to connect Azure SQL Edge to its end destination. When integrating DxO for IoT with Azure SQL Edge, organizations are assured their data is secure on the edge device and when passing outside of edge networks and IoT hub boundaries.  


To learn more about this combined solution, download this whitepaper.

Join our IoT Deep Dive Session with Microsoft on October 21st at 9:00am PDT to learn about edge security and this combined solution.  DH2i CTO OJ Ngo will join Microsoft Program Manager Vasiya Krishnan for a demo of how to securely connect a remote user to an edge device.