DxOdyssey for IoT Has Arrived: Edge-Optimized SDP Software for IoT Networking

The DH2i team is delighted to announce the general availability of DxOdyssey for IoT
edge-optimized SDP software for IoT networking.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has become a digital movement in recent years that has pushed organizations to rethink their approach to their network infrastructure and data security. With countless opportunities offered through edge computing such as reduced latency and higher bandwidth for real-time efficiency, more and more organizations are integrating IoT devices into their networks.

Despite the many benefits of edge computing, IoT can introduce unforeseen risks that require organizations to transform their approach to network security. Legacy approaches to network connectivity such as VPNs, SD-WANs and open ports are not fit IoT. These alternatives are not only complex to set up and configure, but they reduce latency and increase bandwidth, further pulling organizations away from operational efficiency. Moreover, these approaches lack the security capabilities required to support IoT deployments, creating an even larger lateral network attack surface.

To combat the common security issues that emerge with IoT adoption, DH2i has expanded its Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) solution to edge computing with DxOdyssey (DxO) for IoT. DxO for IoT enables organizations to build secure, dynamic tunnels for seamless bi-directional access from edge devices to the cloud, on-premises datacenters or remote locations. DxO for IoT is purpose-built for IoT use cases and provides private, secure network communication over untrusted isolated networks. Organizations can build a Zero Trust network architecture for IoT devices and applications without the complexities of VPNs, SD-WANs or open ports.

DxOdyssey for IoT

This lightweight container software runs on any Linux or Windows host and can be installed on any IoT device or container on x64 and ARM 64 architecture. DxO for IoT uses advanced tunneling technology to ensure data remains secure as it moves beyond edge networks and IoT hub boundaries. To learn in detail how DxO for IoT works, check out this whitepaper.

DxO for IoT can also be integrated with the newly released Azure SQL Edge to provide the ultimate end-to-end data security solution for any IoT deployment. To get a quick overview of this combined solution, check out this one-page info sheet.

DH2i CTO OJ Ngo will also be joining Microsoft Program Manager Vasiya Krishnan for an IoT Deep Dive session on this integrated technology on October 21st at 9:00am PDT. Register here.

Ready to spin it up for yourself? Access the DxO for IoT offer in the Azure Marketplace.

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