DxEnterprise Stories: Customers Who Got More Than They Thought They Paid For

You can have your cake and eat it too! That’s the best thing about DxEnterprise—regardless of your primary motivator to adopt the software, your organization will inevitably experience some rather substantial additional benefits.

The most frequent adoption motivators we’ve witnessed among our customer base are:

  • The desire for easy-to-manage, instance-level HA
  • The power to achieve 5-10x SQL Server consolidation
  • Significant—we’re talking 30-60%—savings on licensing costs
  • Easy-to-configure disaster recovery framework

These benefits are definitely not mutually exclusive. Take the following organizations for example:

Asante Health System – Healthcare

“We didn’t understand that we could scale back and use SQL Server better by safely stacking instances on the same box to get more out of our hardware.”

  • Able to consolidate 15-20 application instances per server
  • Reached a point where they would have had to pay roughly $400K to true-up on Microsoft licensing, but DxEnterprise brought this number down to about $20K
  • Eased management and reduced operational and lifecycle headaches such as patching
  • Established a DR framework for easy multi-subnet failover across multiple locations


Linn County Sheriff’s Office – Government

“We have found great value in the DxEnterprise software and have even received features we didn’t know we’d require. Now we truly can make our applications available as much as possible for our users, 24×7.”

  • Has already saved more than $100K by avoiding SQL Server licensing requirements that an all-Microsoft HA solution would’ve necessitated
  • Failover of core applications takes only 18 seconds and is improving over time
  • Maintain 24×7 availability for applications, file shares, and services essential to full service delivery of the Public Services systems


W&W/AFCO Steel – Manufacturing

“When you have a small IT staff, you have to be able to wear many hats. We are not a small business anymore. We are growing as a company, the IT environment is growing, and with DH2i’s software, we can efficiently and cost effectively manage that growth.”

  • Achieved instance level HA using DxEnterprise to remain within allotted budget—costing only 37.5% what an Enterprise Edition SQL Server HA solution would’ve cost
  • Quick and easy failover in under 30 seconds with real-time health monitoring
  • Ability to sustain future growth easily with InstanceMobility

These are just a few of the customers that DH2i serves. Along with healthcare, government, and manufacturing, DH2i also has customers in various other industries. Legal, financial, retail, telecommunications, and mining are just a few. In total, our current customer list spreads 5 continents and includes everything from organizations categorized as “small,” to Global 500 companies.


Any questions about the content of this blog or want to see how DxEnterprise could help your IT environment? Please reach out to info@dh2i.com.


Lauren Hawes