DxEnterprise + Azure Shared Disks = Highly Available SQL Server Instances in the Cloud

Cloud computing is paving the way for the future of networking security. Did you know that the global cloud computing market is expected to reach $832.1 billion by 2025? That’s worth about 4 million Lamborghinis… crazy right?

As the demand for organizations to have access to their business operations 24/7 has soared, there has been an immense spike in migrations to the cloud. There are several benefits to cloud computing, like the having the ability to connect to a business environment anytime, anywhere. However, one of the major drawbacks preventing organizations to make the switch to the cloud is the lack of support for shared storage…until recently.

We are excited to share that our DxEnterprise software fully supports Azure shared disks – the industry’s first cloud block storage.

On July 16, Microsoft announced the general availability of Azure shared disks. This new capability enables customers to easily migrate their existing on-premises Windows and Linux-based clustered environments to Azure and achieve true HA.

There are some limitations to using Azure shared disks with traditional cluster management solutions like Pacemaker or Windows Server Failover Clustering (WSFC). These common approaches leave customers with cumbersome setup and configuration processes, complex ongoing management, and towering licensing costs.

DxEnterprise eliminates the headaches of these legacy solutions by enabling HA clustered SQL Server instances on any platform, unmatched management simplicity, and safe instance stacking on Windows for optimal consolidation and cost savings. Paired with Azure shared disks, organizations can take advantage of these benefits and easily run their existing on-premises SQL Server instances in Azure.

Join our brief webinar on September 2nd at 2pm EDT to learn more about this exciting offer and view a live demo of this new technology and DxEnterprise in action.


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