DxAG: SQL Server Availability Groups That Won’t Make You Talk Trash

What would make SQL Server Availability Groups better? For many IT pros, it’s not something they would add, but rather, something they would take away. The underlying cluster orchestration technologies of Availability Groups, WSFC and Pacemaker, can be quite restrictive for many organizations. Not only that, but these technologies seem to have been created without any regard for management ease and efficiency at all.

DH2i answered this call last year with the release of DxAG, the only product on the market that enables highly available SQL Server Availability Groups between Windows and Linux. This is no small feat, but is certainly the direction that information technology needs to head in order to optimize the heterogeneous environments that characterize today’s world.

Microsoft has clearly prioritized platform flexibility in the evolution of its SQL Server RDBMS, and it is essential to find an equally flexible HA solution that unifies your environment for a simplistic and efficient management experience.

Want to see the craziness that DxAG is capable of for yourself? Check out DH2i.com/DxAG or watch this on-demand webinar to see how to create AGs without WSFC or Pacemaker.

Please reach out with any questions you have to info@dh2i.com.


Lauren Hawes