DH2i Gone Wild: Highly Available, Cross-Platform, Cross-Cloud Availability Group

What does an on-premises node running WS 2016, an Azure node running Ubuntu 18, and an AWS node running WS 2016 all have in common?

They are all present in the highly available, 3-node SQL Server Availability Group created in this short demo video with DxEnterprise.

DxEnterprise gives you the ability to make highly available, SQL Server Availability Groups across Windows and Linux nodes, on any type of infrastructure. The best part is you can say goodbye to all the management headaches and restrictions that come along with traditional tools like Windows Server Failover Clustering and Pacemaker.

Enjoy the video and please reach out to info@dh2i.com with any questions you have. You can also head to https://dh2i.com/dxag/ to learn more.


Lauren Hawes