DBAs Need a Vacation Too: Q&A Write-Up

Earlier this week we hosted our live webinar, “DBAs Need a Vacation Too: How to Optimize SQL Server for Cost and Management Efficiency.”

As we suspected, there are some DBAs who are definitely feeling the burn of labor-intensive SQL Server management, and are looking for a solution that could help them simplify management and get some well-deserved R&R.

We greatly appreciate the engagement from the DBAs and other IT pros who signed on for the presentation, and we’ve pulled together a quick write-up of the Q&A section below.

Do you need WSFC for your solution?

No, DxEnterprise is an alternative to Microsoft clustering.

What’s the difference between DxEnterprise and VMware?

VMware is a means by which you can actually create virtual machines, whereas DxEnterprise actually abstracts the instances that are running in physical or virtual machines. So an easy way to think about it is DxEnterprise effectively virtualizes the SQL Server instances, while VMware is used to virtualize entire machines. DxEnterprise can however run on virtual machines, bare-metal, or cloud.

How frequent are DxEnterprise updates, and how much of an outage window would I need to schedule to apply updates to DxEnterprise software?

We typically do a couple major releases per year, and there may be some minor bug fixes that come out as well.

The beauty of DxEnterprise is that you can actually apply these updates during production hours. You can do rolling updates, install the software, and never have to take an outage of any SQL Server instances. There are no reboots required and you can stay up-to-date on DxEnterprise software very easily and quickly.

What is the trial software and how long is that license valid for?

Trial software is fully-featured software. We can get you the prerequisites, and then the license duration is 30 days. You can work through a POC in our lab or at your site, whatever makes the most sense for you.

You can sign up here to watch the on-demand recording of this webinar.

Please reach out to info@dh2i.com with any questions you have.


Lauren Hawes