Customer Quick-Look: City of Westminster, Colorado

Customer Snapshot
7th most populous city in Colorado and growing quickly
Run 24/7 on almost all applications
Support critical systems such as police, fire and much more

Before DH2i

  • 1 to 1 servers to instances ratio, but then Microsoft licensing changes made architecture way too expensive.
  • Each server maintained in a different manner and backups not stored in a consistent place.
  • No built-in redundancy or capacity for failover, so clustering solution was sought.
  • Microsoft clustering would force City of Westminster to Enterprise Edition SQL Server at 3.5x the cost of Standard Edition.
  • Westminster had various requirements that necessitated the use of SQL Server versions 2008R2, 2012, and 2012R2—WSFC would require a different cluster for each version.

After DH2i

  • Environment contains a 4-node, 17-instance DxEnterprise cluster made up of mixed-versions on Standard Edition SQL Server.
  • With anticipated growth and architecture changes, the City of Westminster should save approximately $112,480 over the first 3 years of deployment—and the savings definitely won’t stop there.
  • Moving instances just takes a simple application stop and start, and usually the end user won’t even notice the outage.
  • Saving 180 man-hours each year with the increased management efficiency that DH2i enables.


The City of Westminster drastically improved the overall efficiency of their operation in terms of management and cost—all with a sharp focus on nearest-to-zero downtime. Can you relate to any of the limitations they were experiencing before deploying DxEnterprise?  Get a one-on-one demo and learn what the solution might look like in your environment.


Josh Achtemeier