Chasing the IT Unicorn: Comprehensive DR at an Affordable Price

It’s definitely a bit of an IT unicorn—an organization that is totally satisfied and confident with its Disaster Recovery (DR) strategy, technology, and associated price tag. Most IT pros we have spoken to align more with thoughts like:

  • How the heck do I get DR without spending a fortune?
  • Do organizations think about the management experience of their DR tools AT ALL before they sell them to you?
  • Is there ever going to be one single solution that can protect my entire SQL Server environment, regardless of version, edition, new/legacy, etc.?

DH2i approaches DR a little differently with DxEnterprise Multi-Platform Smart Availability. DxEnterprise is an all-inclusive software package that can optimize your DR strategy in terms of cost, management experience, and functionality. So what exactly does DxEnterprise do differently?


Cost Savings

It’s no secret that top-of-the-line DR solutions have a way of squeezing every bit of cash they can out of your pockets. For example, Always-On Availability Groups necessitates spending a premium for Enterprise Edition SQL Server to enable AGs with more than one database—the only practical way of using AGs for DR in my opinion. On the contrary, DxEnterprise DR is totally compatible with standard edition SQL Server.


Simplified Management

DxEnterprise completely eliminates like-for-like requirements. The lightweight software package enables consolidated DR frameworks consisting of any mix of current versions, editions, and disparate infrastructure—new or legacy. DxEnterprise also allows you to manage your entire environment from a single pane of glass.



DxEnterprise improves upon traditional HA/DR functionality and provides a “smarter” solution. Specifically, it enhances failover automation by transforming it from a mitigation action to an optimization action. The intelligent automation engine certainly ensures that application instances are back up as quickly as possible with nearest-to-zero downtime. However, DxEnterprise also guarantees that the applications are rehosted at their respective best-execution venues—ensuring QoS and continued compliance with SLAs. Lastly, DxEnterprise comes ready for multi-subnet DR right out of the box.


If you’re curious about DxEnterprise DR, we highly encourage you to sign up for a free demo of the technology. Please reach out to with any questions you have.


Lauren Hawes