CEO Speaks: Acknowledging Obsolescence on the Path to Data Security

So majestic! So compact! So precisely engineered! Behold: the floppy disk. There was certainly a day and age when IT pros held this sentiment regarding the good ol’ floppy disk, and there were definitely those of us who were excessively reluctant to let them go (and maybe still haven’t completely). But, in today’s IT industry, innovation is inevitable, and it pays dividends to stay ahead of the curve.

DH2i has gained significant traction with DxOdyssey, its Software Defined Perimeter product, in just a few short months since its release. We attribute this to a unanimous acknowledgement of the new reality surrounding IT Security. Everyone is heading to hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments, and traditional data security solutions are simply not designed for these deployment models. The best course of action is to recognize this obsolescence and look to solutions of the future.

As this conversation has unfolded in the IT security realm, DH2i’s CEO, Don Boxley, has been given several opportunities to contribute his take on the need for a Software Defined Perimeter approach to keep up. Check out some articles, and a video interview below:


Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Security: Bulletproof Software Defined Perimeter Implementations

“When properly implemented, Software Defined Perimeter secures gateways at the application layer both to and between clouds for unassailable security with cloaked micro-tunnels hackers won’t see or detect.”

Published in: The CyberSecurity Place

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DH2i: Secure Connectivity for Databases & Applications Without VPNs

Join DH2i’s CEO, Don Boxley, as he sits down with Mike Matchett, Principle Analyst at Small World Big Data, for a video interview. The two talk about DxOdyssey and how it enables secure communication between your on-site applications and remote servers—all without the use of VPN.

Published in: Truth in IT

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Exclusive Interview: How to Protect and Ensure Perimeter Security in Today’s Increasingly Complex IT World

“DxOdyssey enables network admins and IT security personnel to dynamically deploy perimeter security where needed in order to isolate services for fine-grained user access, creating Zero Trust micro-perimeters.”

Published in: IT Briefcase

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The Benefit of a Software Defined Perimeter

“VPNs were designed for traditional on-premises security; they’re less effective in the cloud because they expand network surface area, enabling more room for lateral movement attacks.”

Published in: ITSP Magazine

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Curious to learn more about DxOdyssey’s Software Defined Perimeter technology? Follow this link to learn more or even try the solution for free.


Lauren Hawes