A Message from Our CEO: Free Access to DxOdyssey Effective Immediately

The pandemic of COVID-19 has turned into a truly unprecedented event—significantly impacting all facets of our world in a way we never imagined.

Appropriately, many organizations including our own have advised employees to work from home (WFH) indefinitely to avoid risk of infection and further spread of the virus.

However, we know that accommodating this level of workplace flexibility—especially doing so in a safe and secure way—is a nearly insurmountable hurdle for many organizations out there.

For that reason, the DH2i team has decided to provide our DxOdyssey software, totally free-of-charge, to any organizations that need it to access work computers from home and ensure the safety of their teams during these trying times.

This offer will continue until August 31st at the earliest, and we will evaluate whether to further extend the offer at that time based on the status of the pandemic.

Don’t Let Setup and Configuration Scare You Away – We Are Also Offering Free Technical Support

DxOdyssey is a Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) client that requires no additional physical infrastructure to support it.

It’s truly as easy as installing the software on your work computer, and then installing the software on your home computer so you can access all necessary information while you WFH.

Head to this URL for all relevant information and installation instructions: https://wfh.dh2i.com

Our support team is also available to help you get everything set up—all free-of-charge.

Life as we know it is far different from what we’ve been accustomed to, but we are all going to brave this storm together and come out the other side even stronger than before.

Stay safe, everyone.

Don Boxley Jr