DxEnterprise for Linux Server: A SQL Server Use Case

Enterprises deploying SQL Server for Linux need a way to ensure their instances are highly available, and must look to the 3rd party ecosystem for those capabilities. This whitepaper describes how DH2i’s DxEnterprise software manages new or existing SQL Server instances or containers on the Linux platform–giving users the built-in smart availability they need for SQL Server on Linux.

Enterprise Strategy Group Lab Validation Report: DxEnterprise

This ESG Lab review documents hands-on testing of DH2i’s DxEnterprise container management software with a focus on application and services consolidation while highlighting the added benefits of flexibility, automation, mobility, and availability offered through containerization in a Windows environment.

DH2i DxEnterprise: A Hands-On Review by Denny Cherry

In this whitepaper, I’ll review how to use DxEnterprise to create simple-to-manage, simple-to-deploy, high availability and disaster recovery solutions. In the process, I will show how it supports datacenter orchestration, letting you quickly and easily migrate SQL Server instances from one hardware platform to another with little downtime, while upgrading the operating system (OS), SQL Server, or server infrastructure. Overall, based on what I’ve seen, I expect that DxEnterprise can significantly help with datacenter costs and uptime…

DH2i Product Spotlight: Can You Move Workloads Between VMware and AWS?

As the heterogeneity of IT environments increase around the globe, management is becoming more complex and more time-consuming. Whether it be on the primary site alone, or a remote disaster recovery site, most organizations simultaneously run environments containing different underlying infrastructure. The lack of availability and portability within these environments was a problem that DH2i initially set out to solve for SQL Server, and has now branched out to Linux and Docker as well.

Product Feature by MSSQLTips

The cost of downtime could be astronomical for an organization. The tangible costs alone can significantly impact the business. This whitepaper delves into how to minimize both planned and unplanned downtime and how to ensure SQL Server is available to support the business (and help make the IT Department the hero of the company).

ESG Whitepaper: Protecting SQL Databases

A company called DH2i is taking a fresh approach to assured availability, one that recognizes our complete dependence on data and the pervasiveness of Microsoft SQL Server as an enabling platform.

ESG Whitepaper: Application Virtualization

Now, application virtualization takes a logical next step and puts the application (and, by implication, the IT administrator) in the driver’s seat—delivering responsiveness and performance while further enhancing utilization and cost-effectiveness.