Our software dramatically reduces the cost and complexity of deploying your business-critical Windows Server applications.

Workload portability & infrastructure freedom

Our software uses lightweight containers to decouple enterprise applications from the underlying IT infrastructure. That gives you workload portability from any host, to any host, anywhere—bare-metal, virtual or cloud, with any mix of current Windows and SQL Server editions—with just an application stop and restart.
Use any host, anywhere

Simple-to-implement HA & DR with application-based QoS

Go from standalone to clustered in minutes, and get all the advantages of self-healing high availability and disaster resilience with multi-subnet failover. The result? Unprecedented SLA assurance with application-based QoS.
Free yourself from the burden of IT modernization

Closest-to-zero downtime

You get near-zero downtime (planned or unplanned) and protection from infrastructure, OS and SQL Server faults—even pilot error.  OS, application and infrastructure updates are as simple as an application stop from where  you are, to a start into where you want to be.
Use workload portability for near-zero downtime

Cost savings

In addition, you’ll reduce OS count by 8 to 15X, reclaim half your licenses for future use, and see immediate 25% to 60% SQL Server savings. All with Microsoft Certified software and full license compliance.
See how our container technology works