Stop Running the Modernization Marathon

Cluster with SQL Server Containers

It’s finally coming down to the end of a long week and you are ready for some well-deserved rest and fun. However, as has grown typical with your role, you will once again find yourself working into the evening and over the weekend to take care of some overdue modernization on your business-critical SQL Server farm.

This has long been the reality for many folks in the IT industry, but it no longer needs to be…

View our webinar to learn how containerizing SQL Server instances significantly minimizes planned downtime and allows for patching/upgrades during normal business hours. You can simply failover into an application or OS update and won’t ever have to deal with a full cluster migration process again. Not only does this container management solution alleviate modernization pain, it will also help you achieve:

  • Near-zero-downtime for planned updates/upgrades
  • Application-based QoS controls with automated load balancing
  • An 8-15x reduction in OSes you need to license and manage