SQL Server Clustering Without WSFC

A Cure for Clusterphobia

Let’s face it: setting up, testing and maintaining Windows Server Failover Clustering (WSFC) for SQL Server is enough to give anyone clusterphobia. Its rigid configuration rules and numerous dependencies often end up impacting the availability you’re trying to achieve—and often runs counter to any consolidation initiatives. Need to add virtualization to the stack? Watch the complexities multiply.

There is a cure.

Now you can get advanced SQL Server clustering without the complexities and limitations of WSFC—and at lower cost. In this webinar, we show you a new approach to get consistent high availability for any SQL Server instance on any OS, along with:

  • Near-zero downtime for patch/update and tech refresh
  • Geo/stretch cluster with easy dependency coordination
  • Full service-level delivery and disaster recovery playbook automation
  • Instance-level health & QoS monitoring, alerting and automation

One hour now could save you the pain and heartache of clusterphobia. Don’t suffer alone.