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Standalone to SQL Server HA Clusters in Minutes

Have your assumptions about the complexity of SQL Server high availability redefined as Connor Cox runs through a full cluster build-out demo using DxEnterprise container technology. He’ll start with standalone SQL Server instances and have them in an advanced HA cluster like you’ve never seen before in a matter of minutes.

Your SQL Server HA Alternative to Avoid Microsoft Licensing Traps

Learn how DH2i’s DxEnterprise container virtualization and management software enables clusters of unlimited size and mixed version of SQL Server, all on Standard Edition. It also allows you to achieve an 8-15x reduction in OSes you have to license and manage, 30-60% savings on Microsoft licensing and gives you the ability to easily stretch your environment to multi-subnet DR.

Peak Availability for Oracle on Windows Without the Premium Cost

DH2i has created a multifaceted high availability solution called DxEnterprise to manage Oracle on Windows and unlock huge cost savings. This technology ensures closest-to-zero application downtime by decoupling application instances from the underlying infrastructure to make them portable and highly available—all while unlocking the capability for unparalleled logical consolidation in your environment.