The Non-Violent Approach to SQL Server Consolidation and Cost Savings



Fantasizing about taking a sledgehammer into the server room has become an almost daily occurrence… That would be an easy way to defeat the misery and expense that SQL Server sprawl is inflicting on your organization, right?

How about a non-destructive approach that drastically reduces costs and consolidates your environment for peak management efficiency—all with HA built in?

Check out this webinar for a brief introduction to DH2i’s DxEnterprise. It won’t take you long to understand exactly why organizations from the federal government to the Global 500 have adopted this software to:

  • Stack SQL Server instances and reduce OS footprint by 8-15x
  • Save 30-60% on Microsoft licensing costs
  • Create highly available, mixed-version clusters, with any SQL edition


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DxEnterprise Quick Facts