Microsoft and DH2i Present: SQL Server HA on Linux


THE INDUSTRY CAN HARDLY CONTAIN ITS EXCITEMENT! SQL Server 2017 is primed to be one of the most groundbreaking releases of the industry-leading RDBMS ever. A plethora of new features have been added—as well as support for Linux flavors RHEL, Ubuntu and SUSE.

Maybe your organization is planning to adopt this technology right away, or maybe you have plans down the road? Regardless, there’s a very large detail worth figuring out—what on earth should you do for SQL Server HA on Linux?

Windows Server Failover Clustering is no longer an option on Linux, so join Microsoft’s Mihaela Blendea and DH2i’s Connor Cox as they take you through the HA options available to help protect your SQL Server on Linux installation. The second half of the presentation highlights DH2i’s DxEnterprise—a Smart Availability solution that brings together SQL Server, Windows, Linux and Docker under one unified management framework!


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