Fight SQL Server Sprawl

With Physical and Logical Consolidation

SQL Server sprawl. It’s the bane of your existence. It’s hogging your computing power, leading to shortages in memory/storage and your supervisor is sure to remind you it costs a fortune to license and manage. The continued growth of your environment is becoming unsustainable and soon your SQL Server environment will be nearly impossible to manage.

Hiring additional staff to sustain the growth could be a temporary fix, but technological innovation holds the long-term answer. DH2i software has the power to help you consolidate and solve your SQL Server sprawl problems forever by stacking application instances instead of just spinning up more machines.

Check out our webinar to learn how you can safely stack SQL Server instances like never before to eliminate sprawl. You’ll even end up saving 30-60% on licensing costs.

We show you how to get:

  • Built-in performance monitoring at the application level for SLA assurance
  • Failover of SQL Server instances at the speed of an application stop-start
  • Safe instance stacking for an 8-15x reduction in OSes under management