Don’t Be the Next Data Breach – How to Secure SQL Server in the Cloud

Setting up a SQL Server in the cloud or across multiple sites is easy. Connecting to those services securely, however, is a complex, risky, and often costly endeavor. There’s a good reason network security has been a problem for multi-site and/or cloud IT operations: there hasn’t been a simple, cost-effective and secure means of connecting these services. Until now.

In this webinar, we’ll show you how to use DxOdyssey to create discreet, encrypted, application-specific tunnels to secure your multi-site/multi-cloud operations. We’ll create tunnels for:

  • Secure connections to a SQL Server instance running in Azure
  • A highly-available cross-platform SQL Server Availability Group across 3 sites: on-premises, AWS, and Azure

…all without opening any vulnerable external ports, configuring a cumbersome and costly VPN, or paying out the nose for a direct link.

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