Containers as a Service

Your Best Option for SQL Server in the Cloud

The day has finally arrived. The operational agility benefits and cost savings potential have finally swayed your organization to begin deploying SQL Server in the cloud.

However, there is much more to be considered in this equation. The standard approach to SQL Server in the cloud can be exceedingly complex and costly with 1:1 mapping of VMs to SQL Server instances. Not only that, but nothing changes about the stringent uptime requirements your organization has in place. So your cloud architecture still needs to contain an HA framework that protects against application and OS faults in addition to infrastructure issues.

DH2i’s Connor Cox will show you how you can leverage Containers as a Service for SQL Server to achieve:

  • Advanced, instance-level automated HA
  • A 3-4x reduction in OSes you have to manage and license
  • Quality of service controls for SLA assurance
  • Over 50% savings compared to alternate cloud options

Take advantage of this opportunity to free yourself from the arduous maintenance of your SQL Server infrastructure and begin focusing on IT innovation—all without growing your IT staff or destroying your budget.