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451 Research and DH2i Present: How to Dodge Container Availability Challenges in Production



Containers in production?! You heard us correctly… Maybe you’ve joined the revolution or maybe you haven’t, but research suggests that a quickly growing percentage of IT shops have moved far past the adoption question and are already planning the initial implementation of containers in their production environments.

Join 451 Research’s Jay Lyman, Principal Analyst for Cloud Management and Containers, and DH2i’s Connor Cox as they help you make sense of why so many firms are already taking containerization to the next step. You’ll learn how to implement containers in your environment in a way that minimizes complexity and ensures peak availability.

The presentation covers:

  • Real-world statistics surrounding containerization in production
  • Best-practices you need to follow for the easiest-to-manage environment
  • A solution for unified HA for Windows, Linux & Docker, with SLA assurance

About Jay Lyman, Principal Analyst, 451 Research



Jay Lyman is a Principal Analyst in the Development, DevOps & IT Ops Channel. He covers infrastructure software, primarily private cloud platforms, cloud management and enterprise use cases that center on orchestration, the confluence of software development and IT operations known as DevOps, Docker and containers.



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