Solution Brief:
Eliminating SQL Server Virtual Machine Sprawl with DxConsole

Fewer Virtual Machines. Instance Mobility. Simplified Management.

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The Problem - SQL Server VM Sprawl

SQL Server VM Sprawl

SQL Server Virtual Machine (VM) sprawl is the "weed-like" growth of VMs being deployed for SQL Server instances. Similar to SQL Server "NT server sprawl," SQL Server VM sprawl has become a management problem for IT administrators everywhere. Why? Instances of SQL Server are almost always deployed on dedicated VMs. Because of the ease to create and configure VMs, SQL Server VM growth rates are approaching 100% per year for many companies. SQL Server VM sprawl has greatly increased the time and complexity of patch management, limited companies' ability to leverage physical servers for instance workloads, locked companies into a single VM vendor and created an unsustainable software license management problem.

The Solution - DxConsole

DxConsole is a software-defined orchestration platform that provides a unified operational model that orchestrates SQL Server management and high availability across a heterogeneous physical and virtual infrastructure. DxConsole combines individual instance mobility with policy-based monitoring that intelligently automates IT operations to maintain required SLAs and QoS.

  • Single Operational Model created by collapsing three operational models - virtual, standalone physical and SQL clusters - into an optimized infrastructure for SQL Server management
  • InstanceMobility™ increases agility by letting the instance requirements best dictate the infrastructure platform for shifting workloads P2P, P2V, V2P and V2V - even across hypervisors in 30 seconds
  • High Availability services are guaranteed for all SQL Server instances and can be easily configured to run on a mix of servers with varying CPU counts, makes and ages
  • Guarantee SLAs for performance & availability that intelligently ties instance QoS to business value
  • "1-Click" Maintenance streamlines SQL Server management by "pushing" one update or one hot fix to all servers from a single point of control

Business Value

DxConsole makes your existing VMware or Hyper-V SQL Server infrastructure better. SQL Server VM counts are decreased with the ability to confidently stack multiple instances on VMs thereby both increasing utilization at a more granular basis as well as more effectively leveraging license utilization. InstanceMobility™ allows instances to be easily moved to larger - or smaller - heterogeneous VMs or physical servers as needed in 5 to 30 seconds. With automated policy-enforced QoS goals, SQL Server instance availability and performance requirements are always met.

As a result, customers can:

  • Reduce VM counts by at least 4-5x
  • Reduce configuration and management time by up to 75%
  • Create a tiered VM infrastructure to eliminate vendor lock-in
  • Reduce software and support spend by at least 30%
  • Save as much as 70% on total cost of ownership over a three-year period

Total Cost of Ownership

DxConsole VM Sprawl TCO

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