Recorded Technical Webinar:
Using DxHADR

Automated High Availability and Disaster Recovery

Learn How to Transform any Standalone SQL Server Instance to Fully Automated HADR in Just Minutes

This technical webinar will show you how to use DxHADR to extend high availability and disaster recovery for Microsoft SQL Server from any source to any target. Within seconds of a failure, SQL Server instances will automatically be made available at an alternate location while maintaining the exact same application connection string. Full multi-subnet aware stretch clustering provides simple failover without the networking complexity requirement of spanning subnets across locations. DxHADR leverages any 3rd party replication technology (host based and/or SAN based) of the user's choice, as well as any version or edition of SQL Server and OS. There are no requirements to make expensive licensing upgrades or rip and replace your existing infrastructure. It has a quick installation and configuration process that can often easily fit within a planned outage window.

In this technical webinar, learn how to:

  • Go from a stand-alone SQL Server instance to full HADR in minutes
  • Leverage full multi-subnet clustering for any version of SQL Server and OS
  • Failover any SQL Server instance from any source to any target anywhere
  • Attain a single connection string to SQL Server regardless of where the instance is running
  • Automatically failover your SQL Server instances from production to DR site
  • Extend HADR to all versions and editions SQL Server across multiple combinations of underlying OSs
  • Manage onsite and disaster recovery failover targets from one console
  • Coordinate storage and application dependencies to ensure service delivery SLAs are met

Watch this webinar to learn how to automate high availability and disaster recovery for SQL Server.

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